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Writing or Speaking?

 7th Jul 2022

Writing or Speaking?

"Being able to write well is one thing... but it's the speaking. That's where you really make an impact, where promotions are decided and decisions made about your career progression..."

Not my words.

These are the words of a prospective new client I was speaking with the other day.

But so true!

Of course good writing skills are important - in terms of clarity, grammar, spelling and more.

But they're a baseline expectation, rarely a differentiator.

Unless you're a writer!

The ability to speak in a clear, compelling, convincing, engaging and or inspiring way?

I'd argue these are WAY more important skills in terms of career progression.

Whether in meetings, at interview, presenting, in conversation and/or networking.

Yet they remain undervalued skills in the education system - at all levels...

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 Thank you for your incredible contribution to the Chivas Venture 2018 - from the initial inspiration during the Accelerator Programme in Oxford, all the way through to the Final Stage in Amsterdam. I was blown away by how the Top 5 Chivas Venture finalists stepped up in front of 2,500+ people, following their work with you. You tailored your advice to meet each entrepreneur's needs and your coaching made a real difference to this year's Final event..


Laurence Mainaud | Global Brand Manager, Chivas Venture

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