Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders Ever Heard of a Points File?

Ever Heard of a Points File?

 2nd Nov 2022
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A clear, concise and impactful message is easier to communicate when you already know what it is.

You may already have a growing “story file” to support your leadership communication.

An archive in which to log reminders of meaningful past experience.

It might be in a notebook, on your phone, a pad of A3 or a word doc on your computer.

But what about a “Points File”?

A similar resource but populated with insights gained, lessons learnt, beliefs held and points made?

Chances are there’ll be many points you’ll need to communicate on more than one occasion.

You’ll get better at doing so when you already know what they are…

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What a pleasure to see such a professional in action. Simon is a class of his own. He is public speaking.


Gerhard Mulder | 2017 Executive MBA Candidate, Said Business School, University of Oxford

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