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Perception Is Reality

 3rd Nov 2022
Perception is reality.

Your next AGM, analyst meeting, quarterly update or investor meeting presents a scarce opportunity to shape those perceptions.

How your executive team presents at such meetings will define the shaping.

Time invested in QUALITY preparation for that (whether with or without a speaker coach) will impact performance.

A quick run-through the day before is NOT the answer.

Multiple “out loud” iterations over time are essential if business-critical content and delivery is to be honed.

This is a skill set, not a rabbit to be pulled out of a hat at the last minute.

Effective preparation needn’t comprise multiple full-blown rehearsals with large numbers of high-value, time-poor individuals in the room.

1-to-1 walk-throughs, feedback and brainstorming can be highly effective (and more efficient).

If your organisation is not on the case in taking these preparations seriously, you can be sure competitors out there are.

Believe me - I’ll have met some of them.

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 Simon really inspired our teams in the UK and US and really helped them become more compelling with customers.


Adam Hale | CEO, Fairsail

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