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Facts and Data?

 22nd Mar 2023
Golden Top Tip
Here’s why I tire of the comment: “can’t we just stick to the facts and the data?”


8 out of 10 experts recommend X.

Empirical fact, non?

But what if I told you the total number of experts surveyed was 10?

Context is key.

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In 2018, Simon coached me with public speaking, style, helped write my pitch, and gave me every imaginable tip to manage my nerves, present with esteem, conviction and win over the audience - with his help I went on to pitch to 3,000 people and win the World Social Enterprise competition. I cannot recommend him more highly to any CEO or senior executive looking to perfect their public speaking and win over an audience.


Cemal Ezel | Founder of Change Please, 2017 UK Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Global Winner of The Chivas Venture 2018

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