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The Importance of a Storyfile

 20th Mar 2023
Story To Tell?
Creating and maintaining a Story File takes the richness and diversity of your leadership communication to a new level.

But it doesn’t have to be hard work.

Just a word or phrase to remind you of the experience. Decide on the repository that works for you - a notebook, a word doc, your phone or other.

Why jot personal stories down?

Because we forget!

By bringing experiences briefly front of mind in this way, you’re much better equipped to access them later when you need.

You’ll not only add colour, interest and impact to your presentations, you’ll be a more resourceful conversationalist too…

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What a pleasure to see such a professional in action. Simon is a class of his own. He is public speaking.


Gerhard Mulder | 2017 Executive MBA Candidate, Said Business School, University of Oxford

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