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Taking The Plunge!

 30th Mar 2023
Deep Dive
Nearly 15 years ago, I left my salaried job to go full-time as an independent speaker, coach and facilitator.

It was 2008.

August 2008.

Interesting time to launch a business.

Two weeks after my own company launched, Lehman Brothers folded.

I remember thinking: "This is going to be interesting."

Some reflections on my #entrepreneurial journey so far...

Best career decision I ever made.

Stepping up to the "point of no return" in leaving salaried employment was the tricky part (When do I resign? How do I know I have enough savings, enough experience? etc.)

Once COMMITTED, I found it not so tricky. You just get on with it.

The first year was about survival.

My second year was about proving surviving the first year wasn't a fluke.

Somewhere during my third year, I'd done enough to convince myself that: "I can earn a living doing this - not sure what kind of living - but I'm confident I won't be forced back against my will."

Figuring out how to "price" my expertise, time and value has been a steep learning curve.

It's a learning curve that doesn't flatten much.

My entrepreneurial journey has been like walking down a corridor with many doors; each of those doors represents an opportunity; behind each lie yet more corridors... and more doors.

It's OK to try a door... but not step through.

Some doors turn out to be locked.

The most compelling doors are invariably hidden behind a sequence of seemingly unexciting doors.

It turns out that building trusted, long-term relationships... takes time. Shock.

A relatively small number of key relationships are responsible for disproportionately high levels of professional fulfilment and joy.

People within your circle of trust (more than just 1st degree contacts) are far from being golden... they're more than that. Of incalculably greater value than a mere precious metal dug out from the ground.

A sense of connectedness, mental and emotional well-being lie at the epicentre of that circle of trust.

Friends, loved ones, trust and relationships matter.

They matter a lot.

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 I was recently promoted into a role where public speaking and inspiring people has become more central to my ability to be effective. I was amazed by how effective just one session was. I heard indirectly that my presentation had been particularly inspirational - one person even contacted the Director of my organisation to say how impressed he had been. Without any exaggeration, I give all this credit to Simon.


Esther Stevenson | Former Head of Africa, Christian Aid

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