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 26th Mar 2024
Brain Injury
Last spring, one of our family members suffered a brutal & life-threatening head injury.

Nearly 12 months on, their recovery and rehabilitation continues.

So, my session today in Norwich with the remarkable team at the brain injury association - Headway (Norfolk & Waveney) took on particular poignance.

Headway provides support for people living with brain injury. Crucially, they also support family members and those in the wider circle of trust. See link in Comments below, if you can support in any way.

Massive shout-out to all those involved in this important work.

A privilege and a pleasure for me to spend time with you today...

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Michael Kitching

What a pleasure to see such a professional in action. Simon is a class of his own. He is public speaking.


Gerhard Mulder | 2017 Executive MBA Candidate, Said Business School, University of Oxford

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