Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders Is the Devil in the Detail?

Is the Devil in the Detail?

 12th Jun 2022
Devil in the Detail
In the early stages of one’s career, typically you’re expected to be “all over the detail”.

After all…

You’re close to the coal-face.

You’re learning fast.

You’re needing to master your craft/s.

The trouble is, when it comes to #communication upwards (internally or externally) being “all over the detail” won’t serve you.

Listeners - no matter how smart and experienced they are - will find it too complex, too long, too laborious or just too dull.

Brutal I know.

But it’s true.

Step back from the detail.

Identify the 2-3 most important points/insights/devts your audience needs to take away.

Build your content from there.

Believe me, your MD, C-suite Exec, Manager, Director or client will thank you for it.

Simon gave me excellent advice on my upcoming talk for TEDxLBS - great pointers on both narrative and delivery that really put the final polish on my presentation!


Kelly Price | Senior Vice President, Oncology Business Unit at The Planning Shop International

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