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It Started With a Decision

 22nd Jun 2022
Pic: a decision
His response to my question was brillliant:

“I just decided to start enjoying it.”

This from a speaker who in the past had had profound difficulties with #presenting.

Low energy.

Closed body language.

Hesitating and unclear in the delivery.

Yet when we met again in recent days…






“What’s changed??” I asked.

Prompting the reply at the top of this post.

And what a transformation.

Stunning and wonderful.

It started with a decision.

All power to him - a speaker and leader who deserves to thrive…

#transformation #energy #power #publicspeaking #communication

Simon led by example and provided clear tips on structure, inserting words, leading with stories and stance. Now I can sense the distinct uptick in engagement in a room of diverse nationalities and backgrounds... prepare more comfortably around my key messages and theme.


Tarun Varma | Pershing Square Scholar, University of Oxford, 1+1 MBA, MSc Child Development and Education Fellow 2011, Teach for India

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