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It's Not a Test of Knowledge

 22nd May 2024
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So many critically important moments in life are…

NOT a test of knowledge
NOR a test of knowledge transfer
NOR a test of qualifications
NOR a test of your ability to do the job
NOR a test of your potential
NOR a test of your memory
And certainly not a test of your IQ (whatever the h*ll that means)

They’re a spoken communication challenge.

A test of your ability to #communicate clearly, concisely, impactfully and effectively - even lovingly - through the spoken word. Period.

So, how come this vitally important skill-set is not meaningfully valued in the school curriculum?

Because it isn’t. It just isn’t.

Whatever the Education Secretary of the day might tell you.

How do I know?

Well, aside from being the son of a teacher and being married to a teacher with 26 years classroom experience (not to mention having been to school myself), I’ve run sessions in 100+ state secondaries with teenagers all over London (plus dozens of independents across England) and have interviewed countless teachers over the years both on-site and as research for a TEDx talk on the topic in 2018.

This is emphatically not about having a go at teachers. My beef is with the curriculum and policymakers… ⭐️

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We are incredibly fortunate to have Simon guiding us on a range of techniques and skills. His experience, counsel and passion are all hugely appreciated by decision makers from across 70 different countries.


Oliver Blake | Director and Co-Founder, Blake Evans & Co

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