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Know Someone Getting Married?

 10th Jul 2024
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Know someone getting married this summer?

The flowers may be expensive but it’s the speeches they’ll remember.

Check out this podcast episode with speaker tips…
2 days ago
A giant elephant trap for the unwary or the arrogant.

Last year (🥰) did remind me that these celebrations are full of fantastic hashtagstorytelling opportunities. And why preparation, thought and a little bit of input can be super helpful in creating something you’re proud of.

To help you out, my co-host Simon Bucknall and I recorded a Speechless episode - Wedding Speech 101 - where Simon shares his practical tips and ideas - drawn from many hours coaching wedding speakers!

Whatever the internet might say, “telling jokes” is not the answer.

Because no-one ever gave a great hashtagWeddingSpeech by making the friends laugh and the bride's or groom’s parents cry…

🎧 🌎 Listen now:

For more wedding speech hashtagpublicspeaking guidance, I can recommend checking out Simon's book:

Have you heard a great wedding speech? 👇 Share in the comments why you loved it

Simon led by example and provided clear tips on structure, inserting words, leading with stories and stance. Now I can sense the distinct uptick in engagement in a room of diverse nationalities and backgrounds... prepare more comfortably around my key messages and theme.


Tarun Varma | Pershing Square Scholar, University of Oxford, 1+1 MBA, MSc Child Development and Education Fellow 2011, Teach for India

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