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Reflecting on Value for Leaders

 16th Jun 2023
Fantastic experience at the Hg Senior Leadership in Tech conference held in Lucerne, Switzerland this week.

Flying home into London City in fabulous weather yesterday (yes, my photo 😎) reflected on how valuable it can be for leaders to gain fresh perspectives.

Taking the time…

To step back
To take a wider view
To deepen relationships with new & existing peers
To gain fresh expert input
To sharpen the proverbial saw and then some

So, so precious when the day-to-day can be so full-on.

Presentations can provide that opportunity - if they’re well-positioned.

So do holidays - if they represent a genuine break.

And so do first-class conferences.

Great work Team Hg.

You know who you are.

Loved it. 👏👍

You have this amazing ability to captivate the audience that makes your sessions such a pleasure to attend! I thoroughly enjoyed the session and picked up some very useful tips to improve my presentation skills; the feedback from my colleagues about your session has been extremely positive as well.


Harijot Chauhan | Director, Human Resources, Atlantic The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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