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What Connects Us?

 21st Jun 2023
S. in Sunderland
In Sunderland in the north-east today to work with some senior leaders in education.

Despite not being a Sunderland fan (forgive me if you’re from the town but I grew up in the West Midlands!) I was totally gripped by the tv documentary on the club, “Sunderland ‘Til I Die”.

Charting the club’s first season after relegation from the Premiership… and subsequent relegation from the Championship 🙁…

The sheer emotion, the highs and lows, financial challenges, remarkable cast of characters and what the club clearly means to the town…

Epic stuff.

My point is this: what connects us is human interest. Emotion cuts across culture, hierarchy, organisation, nationality and more.

When seeking to engage diverse crowds, look for the underlying human connection. That’s where a relationship can be forged…
I should add I was delighted when Sunderland were promoted back into the Championship a year ago...and was rooting for them against Luton in the recent Play-Offs!

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Simon gave me excellent advice on my upcoming talk for TEDxLBS - great pointers on both narrative and delivery that really put the final polish on my presentation!


Kelly Price | Senior Vice President, Oncology Business Unit at The Planning Shop International

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