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Required Reading....

 21st Feb 2023


“Required reading for anyone interested in politics and philosophy” remarked Prospect Magazine.

Well, as a History graduate who previously worked in Politics and spends more hours than I could wish for scrambling around inside my own head…

How could I resist?

It’s an absolutely cracking read.

From the English Civil War to Trump, from the crises in Syria and Libya to the WTO, from Karl Marx to Harriet Taylor, John Locke to Isaiah Berlin, from Facebook to the guillotine…

Irrespective of one’s own political persuasion, it’s a gripping thematic survey of history, politics and economics from the 1600s to the present day - in the context of Western thought, I should add.

The term “Liberal” means such different things to different people.

A desire for greater clarity on this point was a major reason for me picking up the book in the first place.

It does not disappoint.

A key take-away for me?

The crystal clear distinction made between…

“Laissez-faire” Liberalism - think Adam Smith, Thatcher and Friedman

And “Radical” Liberalism - think John-Stuart Mill, Keynes even… Biden.

And if you’re left wondering: “but Keynes was surely Socialist, non?” then you’re not alone.

Me too.

Until I read this.

Loved it.

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