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Seeking Greater Impact?

 2nd May 2024
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Seeking greater impact?

Then make one point at a time.

A seemingly simple, obvious, patronisingly man-splainy, uninspiring tip?

Well, some might argue that.

But in the real-world of actually working with people on this stuff over the past 16 years...

Targetting higher impact spoken hashtagcommunication

With seriously smart, capable and ambitious people

In some of the world's most prestigious organisations

Seeking to engage super-smart, savvy listeners...

That single tip at the top of this post crops up time and again.

As a way to cut through the noise.

To simplify the content.

To distil the true point being made.

To make for a more digestible experience for the listener.

And it works!

Because no audience will ever complain you were too clear.

The point?

One point at a time... 😊

Speak soon!

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(Inspired today in no small measure by friend Marc Zao-Sanders
and his post earlier...)

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Helen Stevens | President of the INSEAD Alumni Association

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