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 12th Apr 2022
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RIGHT, I've had it.

Further tips for when presenting with #slides...

1) Ask yourself: do I really need to use slides?

2) Consider deleting all of them.

3) Ask yourself: do I really need to include all of my slides in the core flow?

4) Consider setting up a hefty Appendix (my favourite section of any slide flow). You can use them if and when you need them.

5) Remember you don't HAVE to use the title bar. Slides are invariably better deployed as 'posters' than as 'documents'.

6) If you DO use the title bar, in the name of all that is holy, don't just describe what's on the rest of the slide. It's tedious for the audience.

7) Check your title: is it a static label/ description or actively contributing to your message?

8) Prioritise the latter over the former.

9) Check how many key points you're making 'per slide'. If it's 2 or more, that's 2 or more too many.

10) One key point/idea/message per slide.

11) Yes that's one, ONLY.

12) If you still can't whittle down the jumble, split into as many separate slides as you need.

13) In response to anyone who tells you: "X minutes means Y number of slides"...

14) Ignore them.

15) In response to anyone who tells you: "You need an Overall Title slide and a Thank You slide"...

16) Ignore them.

17) In response to anyone who tells you: "Your slide flow should be comprehensible by reading the slide titles alone"...

18) Consider taking that advice seriously.

If this post were in slide form, I'd need a minimum of 18 (possibly 19) slides.

And breathe.

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I employed Simon for one-on-one presentation skills coaching, as I was required to speak at my company's annual conference. With Simon's advice, coaching and guidance, I gained valuable knowledge and confidence which made a huge difference to, and significantly improved, my delivery on the day. Simon is a great coach, and I will certainly consider using his services within my business going forward.


Gary Prike | Managing Director, Rohlig UK Ltd

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