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Speaker v Audience Member

 23rd Jan 2023
Simon Bucknall, High Impact Speaking Expert
Your experience as a speaker is very different from the experience of an audience member.

If you feel like you’re shouting, you’re probably not loud enough.

If it feels excruciatingly slow, you’re likely not slow enough.

If your message feels appallingly simple, it could potentially be clearer.

If you feel like you’re trembling, your audience didn’t notice.

If you feel like you’re nervous, your audience doesn’t care.

If you feel you don’t know enough, chances are you know more than you need.

If you think it’s about you, your audience thinks it’s about them.

If you’re worried you’ve left out too much content, your audience is just relieved you didn’t include more.

If you’re concerned you won’t fill the time available, you’ll probably run over time.

If you think you’ve a story that no-one will be interested in, chances are they’ll be fascinated.

If you think the language makes you sound clever and impressive, it probably won’t.

If you think the spotlight is on you, the speaker…

It isn’t.

It’s on the listener.

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Soushiant Zangenehpour | Manager, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, Said Business School, University of Oxford

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