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Stagetime, Stagetime, Stagetime

 14th Jan 2023
When it comes to effective speaking skills, there's no substitute for literal "stage time".

A mantra which friend, Darren LaCroix, CSP, AS, World Champion Speaker, has made his own over the years.

Boy, has that message stuck...thank you, Darren!

When I ask less confident speakers how much time they've spent communicating in meetings and conversations... typically, it's tens of thousands of hours.

Ask how many they've spent "on stage" in front of a live audience... it's often a few dozen at best.

Quelle surprise: of course it's more challenging!
(for the moment)

Building up the hours is key.

So, all the more reason to encourage young people to do so EARLY in life.

Whether that's through #publicspeaking, #debating, #music, #dance or #theatre.

Which is precisely what the (fabulous) South London Youth Theatre has been doing for years.

Both our children are involved.

This year's production: "The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe", to be performed at The Peckham Theatre on Saturday 28th January 2023.

Tickets available! (See Comments for link).

Matinée and Evening shows - it promises to be fab.

Disclaimer: our daughter Freya is performing so I'm biased 😀.

See you there?!

#youngpeople #theatre #communicationskills #confidence #london #stage

 Thank you for your incredible contribution to the Chivas Venture 2018 - from the initial inspiration during the Accelerator Programme in Oxford, all the way through to the Final Stage in Amsterdam. I was blown away by how the Top 5 Chivas Venture finalists stepped up in front of 2,500+ people, following their work with you. You tailored your advice to meet each entrepreneur's needs and your coaching made a real difference to this year's Final event..


Laurence Mainaud | Global Brand Manager, Chivas Venture

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