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Speaking to Inspire

 15th Feb 2022

Speaking to #inspire?

Some practical ideas to consider...

Many assume the capacity to inspire is elusive. Open only to 'other people'. Usually famous people. More often, the charismatic ones.

In reality, each and every one of us has the capacity to inspire.

I say that based on experience working with literally thousands of people, from all walks of life, from all over the world. From C-suite executives to school children, from refugees to MBAs, from academics to politicians to prison inmates.

Personal experience is the key.

A willingness to dig deep into that most precious of resources... To explore, refine and then deploy for the benefit of a listener.

Consider your life to date - reflect on moments that stand out.

Moments of:

Significance to you for other reasons

Jot them down.

Because in these moments lie the kernels of stories with the potential to inspire others.

For sure, care is needed.

Very often, the most compelling experiences are the ones we'd most like to hide or forget.

Acclaimed Pixar Animation Studios Film Director, Dan Scanlon, speaks of delving deep into his past in search of inspiration for a new film.

A most sensitive personal truth in his life story was the loss of his father when Scanlon was scarcely 12 months old - and the subsequent impact on his immediate family.

Herein lies the fork in the road. Where many would instinctively bury such a memory, Scanlon found a way to embrace it.

To use it as THE inspiration for his film.

The result was the Pixar film 'Onward'.

Of course, inspiration need not always be built on tragedy.

But in striving for what's personal, what's real, what's human, whether painful or not... you're more likely to strike the emotional chord you need to win the hearts and minds of listeners.

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Thanks again.


Andy Hart | Financial Advisor, Founder Maven Advisor Ltd

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