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Taking Time Out for a Clear Foundation

 3rd Oct 2022

Clarity in Broadstairs

"Resistance is created by a lack of clarity."
[Chip & Dan Heath]

Never more true than when it comes to the creative processes, in my experience.

Right now, I'm holed up in seaside rooms in Broadstairs, Kent (see pic) breaking the back of a long-standing book project.

More progress made in the past 36hrs than in the preceding... 45 (?!) years!

A shortage of available time has not been the issue. There are chunks of time available here, there and everywhere if one really puts one's mind to it. In a taxi, on a train, in the evenings, early mornings and more...

Rather what's scarce is access to extended periods of time, free from distraction, to allow the mind to gain real clarity and build momentum. Rather than engage in mere fire-fighting.

Each of us is different but personally, I find it tricky to meaningfully engage my creative brain on a new project in short sharp bursts... unless I've already laid a clear foundation for the project in hand.

An opportunity finally to lay that foundation is the great gift these 2.5 days by the Kent seaside have granted me. Feels good to be properly under way.

Speaking of which, I've some creative endeavours to return to...

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 Very interactive - the tone you set meant audience members were really engaged. I can understand why you get such great feedback for these sessions.


Pauline Isherwood | Learning & Development Manager, Shell plc

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