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The Brain Still Learns...

 1st Jul 2022

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"If you mentally prepare to do something and you don't quite match your intention... the brain still learns."

Absolutely love this insight from Dave Alred

Former kicking coach for rugby legend, Jonny Wilkinson.

Highly recommend listening to "I am..." - Jonny Wilkinson's podcast, see link in Comments below.


So true that it's easy to become obsessed with goal outcomes, at the expenses of the learning journey.

Over the years, have encountered all sorts of folk who hold back.

Not because they aren't capable.

Or good people.

But through fear of #podcast failure.

Whatever the outcome, we always learn.

And that's success - if we allow it.

#success #learning #personaleffectiveness #personaldevelopment

Your training massively improved my public speaking ... helped develop my communication skills that go far beyond addressing audiences. Even four years on, it remains the most useful training I have ever had at work - the impact on my career has been huge.


Joe Halloran | Computing Teaching and Learning Consultant

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