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Warning: The Content is Not Obvious

 1st Jul 2022

Blog England Cricket 2022

Warning: the content of this post is not obvious.

But the key take-away IS.


So... let's talk about England cricket
(Don't say I didn't I warn you)

Barely 3 months ago, the Men's national side were in the doldrums.

Just 1 Test Match win out of 17 played.

Hammered by Australia.

And by the West Indies.

Morale at rock-bottom.

Captain Joe Root resigned. So, too, Head Coach Chris Silverwood.

A long road back for the team, one might think.

And yet...

In just 6 short weeks, England have undergone a transformation.

Whitewashing Test Match World Champions New Zealand 3-0.

In the process, breaking multiple team and individual records.

Even cynics will admit: England look like a different team.

Rejuvenated. Confident. Fearless.

Now, I know one swallow doesn't make a summer.

But I've been following England cricket for nearly 40 years - since I was a boy.

I've never seen anything like what I've witnessed in the past few weeks.

But here's the thing.

Achieved with pretty much the SAME group of players as before.

Same core skills. Same abilities.

What's changed??!

One word:


Or in aviation parlance, "the players' angle of approach".

Under new Captain, Ben Stokes, and Head Coach, Baz McCullum (a Kiwi!) England players have been set free.

To play positive, no matter what.

To enjoy their cricket, no matter what.

To have fun.


Seasoned players speak of a transformation in the dressing room.

The results of that - win or lose - are nothing short of astonishing.

Because when you change Attitude, everything changes.


Meanwhile, I've taken the opportunity to "invest" in tickets for Lord's and the 2nd Day of England vs South Africa in August.

England may or may not play well.

But it won't be dull.


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Javier Larragoiti Kuri I Founder of Xilinat, Researcher, Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Mexico, Global Winner of The Chivas Venture 2019

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