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 24th Feb 2023
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At 7am this morning…

Attended my first #publicspeaking contest in a while.

Early Bird Speakers Club in Covent Garden held their 1st Round of the 2023 International Speech Contest (aka World Championship of Public Speaking) run by Toastmasters International.

It’ll culminate in a World Final (Round 6) to be held in the Bahamas, I believe, in August later this year.

Terrific standard; and to really push yourself and develop as a speaker, you really can’t beat a good contest!

Fun for me to be in the audience though this time… 😊

#communication #leadership #competition

Simon, within a 25 minute phone call you opened my eyes to a whole concept in my TEDx speech I was yet to uncover. I can now absolutely see why you have the reputation that you do. To say I am thankful is an understatement.


Sarah-Ann Macklin | Nutritionist & Model, Founder, The Be Well Collective, TEDx Speaker, 'THE JAMIE OLIVER OF NUTRITION' Marie Claire Magazine 

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