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What Do The Following Have in Common?

 24th Feb 2023
What do the following people all have in common? Bruce Willis. Emily Blunt. Ed Sheeran. Samuel L Jackson.

They're all Performers? Yes.

They're all Famous? Certainly.

They're all Stutterers? Not so obvious.

But true.

Some of the most impactful and inspiring speeches I've heard over the years have been on the subject of Stuttering.

Especially when delivered by stutterers.

Researching the topic in a little more depth today...

I've been struck by some remarkable and inspiring speeches from the American Institute for Stuttering's Gala Dinner over the years (see video links in Comments below).

Delivered by (extremely) well-known individuals - including all of the illustrious names mentioned earlier in this post.

So, if you know anyone - especially children - who stutter...

If you think they'd appreciate positive input and advice...

Then consider pointing them in the direction of some of these speeches - whether in the Comments below or findable on Youtube.

Seriously impressive stuff.

American Institute for Stuttering

Your training massively improved my public speaking ... helped develop my communication skills that go far beyond addressing audiences. Even four years on, it remains the most useful training I have ever had at work - the impact on my career has been huge.


Joe Halloran | Computing Teaching and Learning Consultant

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