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Too Many Presentations are a Complete Waste of Time

 21st Dec 2022
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Too many presentations should never be delivered in the first place.

If there’s no real benefit for the audience, scrap the presentation.

If the desired change/s are unclear, scrap the presentation.

If you’re simply saying stuff for the sake of it, scrap (or cut) the presentation.

If you want people simply to read the content on the slides, give them the deck to read then have a meeting Q&A.

If you can’t in any way connect with or get behind what’s being presented, change the presenter or scrap the presentation or both.


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 In over 20 years of working in international politics and training candidates, I have never seen a more remarkable improvement in speaking abilities in such a short space of time.


Ian Marquardt I Director of the European Women's Academy, ALDE

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