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What Can Happen When You Crash and Burn as a Speaker

 15th Apr 2022

Wirral Fire       

I remember one of the first times I “crashed and burnt” as a speaker. One of many as it turns out.

May 2001: a leaving drinks speech in my first job.

It felt horrible.

A few weeks ago, the edge of a precious nature reserve in the Wirral suffered a horrendous wildfire (see photo above).

Nests, wildlife and plants were burnt to a cinder.

The fire made national news and happens to be within sight of my wife’s childhood home.

Visiting the site today, (updated photo to follow!) it was heartening to see green shoots emerging as the desolation regenerates.

Back in 2001, there were green shoots too, following my torched confidence as a speaker.

Vowing to improve.

Joining a public speaking club.

Because even when you “crash and burn”, horrendous though that can feel, in time regeneration will come.

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Nic Humphries | Senior Partner, HgCapital

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