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What Would This Look Like If It Were Easy?

 25th Jul 2022

Tim Ferris
“What would this look like if it were easy?”

An empowering question posed by Tim Ferriss to himself in the creation of ‘Tribe of Mentors’.

Rather a good way to breakthrough a seemingly tricky challenge I thought.

Replace the word “easy” with “simple” and you have a neat way to achieve greater #clarity when #presenting too.

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 I was recently promoted into a role where public speaking and inspiring people has become more central to my ability to be effective. I was amazed by how effective just one session was. I heard indirectly that my presentation had been particularly inspirational - one person even contacted the Director of my organisation to say how impressed he had been. Without any exaggeration, I give all this credit to Simon.


Esther Stevenson | Former Head of Africa, Christian Aid

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