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What's The Greatest Story You've Never Told?

 6th Feb 2024
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What's the greatest story you've never told?

You don't need to have seen Brené Brown's TEDx talk on 'The Power of Vulnerability' (though I recommend it highly)...

To appreciate the power that emotional risk can have.

Because speaking is, by definition, an emotive medium.

But that aside, in my coaching work over the past 16 years I've been struck by how often...

The most compelling stories

The most valuable insights

The most clear-sighted and impactful messages

...are taken for granted by the leader/speaker concerned.

Not in a self-righteous or conceited way.

But because it simply hadn't occurred to them to voice and share what they've long since internalised.

How do I know this?

Because as a listener, time and again in conversations with leaders, I find myself saying:

"Woah, woah, woah! Back up... That phrase you used: "XYZ"... Have you ever used that line/story before?"

"Uhm... no, I don't think so. Didn't really occur to me. I mean it's obvious isn't it? And what was it I said again??!"

Some of our greatest insights are not crafted, sweating over a page of A4.

They spill out unprompted, raw and glowing in our conversations - with friends, with colleagues and with family members.

They emerge blinking into the light precisely when we're NOT over-thinking.

When we're not trying too hard.

Look out for those moments. Log those ideas.

Capture those stories and precious turns of phrase.

Because there's gold therein for your listeners and stakeholders.

Speak soon.
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Simon brought his vast experience to the subject of storytelling which he masters wholly. He skilfully guided members through his unique series of techniques for both developing and delivering business stories that, by definition, can belong only to each individual business concerned. An excellent morning and highly recommended.


 Gordon Bromley I Chairman, Surrey & SW London Academy for Chief Executives

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