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Celebrating The Power of Insight

 24th May 2022

5 minutes

This week’s reading.

Thought-provoking stuff it is too.

Celebrates the power of “insight”.

The extraordinary and disproportionate value that stems from seemingly insignificant amount of time and effort - a decision made, conclusion drawn or recommendation offered.

Deep domain knowledge is not enough.

Combine it with discerning judgment and insight on the other hand…

“I spent some time with Sir Richard Branson, and I can tell you that you could certainly do most of what he does, perhaps better than he does it.

“Except for what he does for about five minutes a day… when neither you or I would have a prayer of doing what he does.” [Seth Godin]

As a speaker, you have an opportunity to influence/drive the most critically important “five minutes a day” in each and every one of your audience members.

Their key decision that day.

Their key learning that day.

Their capacity to meaningfully move forward that day.

Focus in on that critical, marginal value in people’s workplace behaviour.

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 I was recently promoted into a role where public speaking and inspiring people has become more central to my ability to be effective. I was amazed by how effective just one session was. I heard indirectly that my presentation had been particularly inspirational - one person even contacted the Director of my organisation to say how impressed he had been. Without any exaggeration, I give all this credit to Simon.


Esther Stevenson | Former Head of Africa, Christian Aid

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