Communications Insight For More Inspiring Leaders What's Your Priority Communications Action Point?

What's Your Priority Communications Action Point?

 26th Aug 2022
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A disproportionately small number of #speaking tips I've received are responsible for a disproportionately high degree of my growth as a speaker.

That's why in #coaching sessions with #csuite clients, we typically end by distilling the one (maximum two) priority take-aways.

A single #communication tip or piece of advice that REALLY sticks beats a dozen that get jotted down...

Then deposited in the big, round filing cabinet.

Otherwise known as the bin.

What's your priority #communications action point right now?

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 In over 20 years of working in international politics and training candidates, I have never seen a more remarkable improvement in speaking abilities in such a short space of time.


Ian Marquardt I Director of the European Women's Academy, ALDE

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