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How is Your Word Selection?

 28th Aug 2022
Lightbulb for Blog post Jan. 2022
For high impact messaging, word selection is absolutely critical.

A single word or phrase makes all the difference.

The catch is this...

How to use #language ON PURPOSE that's simpler and more conversational than you might think.

Without jargon.

Back in 2017, the speech that got me into the Final of the World Championship of Public Speaking was built on a very simple message.

"You just have to be honest."

Can't tell you how long it took to craft and identify that seemingly rather simple phrase.

Happily, it resonated rather better than an earlier version:

"It's really important in life to ensure that, to the best of your ability, your actions are aligned with your core values and beliefs in a way that's authentic and meaningful."

Too often in the workplace, I see/hear messaging that sounds more like the latter than the former.

Best remedy?

Imagine you're chatting over dinner (sober).

How would you "say it" in a social setting?

Without thinking too hard?

If the language sounds too stilted or convoluted to be used in a social setting...

Probably not going to work in a #speech or #presentation either.

#publicspeaking #communication #leadership

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