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You're Never Too Young...

 25th Mar 2022
Young People's Experience
"You're never too young to build up experiences and influences that can benefit your work and how you see the world."

The words of a senior architect with whom I was working this morning.

In offering this advice for aspiring young female (and male) architects, absolutely spot on she was, too!

What's true for ambitious young architects is also true for young communicators more widely - whether at school, university or in the early stages of a career.

It's so tempting in the early years only ever to defer to those "more experienced".

The result in communication terms?

Either silence

Or take refuge in rational, functional evidence in support of one's ideas.

Believe me, I know - I've been there and made that mistake in my twenties, especially!

What I've found over the years is that the first-hand experiences of the young are every bit as valid - every bit as valuable - as those of the old.

All that's required is a willingness to...

Identify those experiences

To record them

And take the leap of faith involved in using them.


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