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Core skills for speaking with confidence

High-Intensity Interactive Talk 1  [H.I.I.T.]  2024

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Reputations can stand or fall on the quality of a single presentation. 

Subject matter can be complex and attention spans are short. So is the preparation time available. Then, there's the nerves and anxiety...

This practical, interactive H.I.I.T. session targets key skills for maximising your personal impact, when speaking under pressure. You may be presenting to clients/customers, pitching an idea to senior colleagues or seeking to demonstrate your suitability for a new role.

  • Project confidence, even if you don't feel confident
  • Structure a presentation at very short notice
  • Get your message across clearly, concisely and impactfully
  • Tailor your delivery skills to suit the medium (whether online or offline)
  • Boost your all-round executive presence and 'gravitas'

"This is the best talk we have had on the course so far. Highly practical and engaging session with a systematic approach to directly improve our soft skills. I would highly recommend...for that session alone...Simon did an excellent job of creating a safe environment in which to practise and grow."

Course participant January 2023

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Simon Bucknall





You have this amazing ability to captivate the audience that makes your sessions such a pleasure to attend! I thoroughly enjoyed the session and picked up some very useful tips to improve my presentation skills; the feedback from my colleagues about your session has been extremely positive as well.


Harijot Chauhan | Director, Human Resources, Atlantic The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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