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It's Easy to Mis-read an Audience

 4th Jun 2024

Golden Top Tip

It’s easy to mis-read an audience.

At the Grand Final of Britain’s Got Talent
last weekend, viewers struggled to understand why judge, Bruno Tonioli, was being booed.

Turns out, they were chanting “Bruuuuno!”

Top England cricketer, Joe Root, same thing.


Years ago, it was easy to be thrown by audience members checking their phone.

Took a while for speakers to realise some were tweeting about their talk!

Or on Zoom, when people look away from the screen/camera and pay attention to something (or someone) much more interesting.

Perhaps they’re taking notes…

So don’t assume.

It can derail your focus.

But if they start chucking stuff from a vegetable stall, usually that's a sign.

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Kathryn Stubley | Event Executive, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

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