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A Tip on How to Inspire...

 21st Jun 2024
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Watching rugby player, Joe Marler's, remarkably frank documentary about struggles with his mental health (see link in Comments below).

Improvisation class, community choir singing, life coaching in Snowdonia, cold water swimming and more - what's not to like?!

In his search for experts who might help, Joe comments:

"I want to meet people with the same struggles I've had. And I want to see what I can learn from them."

What's true of Joe's journey is true of inspirational public speaking too.

If I'm an audience member listening to you...

Can I relate to you?

What can I learn?

How might I benefit?

But for you, the speaker...

How do you achieve that when, by definition, your own life story is unique?!

Well, dig deep into your human experiences.

Somewhere, down there in the dark - half-buried, even forgotten - you'll find human emotions.

Emotional undercurrents which cut across age, profession, class, gender, income and yes, culture.

What angers you may differ from what angers me.

But you and I both know what it is to feel anger.

In that, there's common ground.

With diverse audiences - even audiences of strangers - it's through the emotions that you'll connect.

So, dig deep.

It may not always be easy.

But it's true.

And all power to you, Joe.
👍 👏 🙏

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What a pleasure to see such a professional in action. Simon is a class of his own. He is public speaking.


Gerhard Mulder | 2017 Executive MBA Candidate, Said Business School, University of Oxford

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