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Why Start a Storyfile?

 30th Aug 2022
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I often advise clients to start a Story File (an idea I first picked up from ).

By recording first-hand experiences, it's soon surprising to discover just how much experience we have...

And how easily forgotten.

In the spirit of practicing what I preach, today I'm reviewing the specific topic of "Past Bosses" from my career, prior to going fully independent as a speaker, coach and facilitator in 2008.

It's a list of about 10 people, stretching back to 1999.

Carol W, Adam H, Rae S, Tim W, Joan W, Matthew T, Bob M, Ric S, Tom K, Ian M plus one or two more.

But this is the first time I've written the names of these specific people as a dedicated list.

Glancing at the names in my notebook just now...

Already, I'm stunned by how many (long-forgotten) stories and experiences - both good and not-so-good - are now resurfacing in my mind as a result.

**SO... If you're looking to develop fresh content/fresh ideas, whether for a talk or simply for your #leadershipcommunication start by simply building a coherent list of your choice.

This could be jobs you've held.

Friends you have.

Bosses you've worked under.

Values/beliefs you hold.

Holidays you've been on... whatever!

Don't worry about what the eventual lessons, messages or stories might be - they'll come in time.

Just build a raw list from your life inventory.

Because by doing so, you ACTIVATE the mind.

This makes it much easier to take the NEXT step, which is to identify primary experiences related to that list, which might be used in your communication content.

Onwards, inwards and upwards!

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 Very interactive - the tone you set meant audience members were really engaged. I can understand why you get such great feedback for these sessions.


Pauline Isherwood | Learning & Development Manager, Shell plc

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