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One of The Golden Tips of Effective Presenting

 20th Apr 2022
Golden Top Tip
One of the golden tips of effective #presenting:

Make a point, tell a story.

Or: tell a story, make a point.

During a coaching session just now, I was asked:

"Which is best?"

Both can work.

But in most professional settings, making the point up front is usually the safer option.

You give your listener a reason to keep listening.

If you go 'story first', you risk losing people before you get to the point.

That would be a shame.

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Simon led by example and provided clear tips on structure, inserting words, leading with stories and stance. Now I can sense the distinct uptick in engagement in a room of diverse nationalities and backgrounds... prepare more comfortably around my key messages and theme.


Tarun Varma | Pershing Square Scholar, University of Oxford, 1+1 MBA, MSc Child Development and Education Fellow 2011, Teach for India

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