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How to Choose a Volunteer to Speak!

 14th Jan 2023
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I remain a fan of Mandatory Volunteering.

Lesson learnt from experience leading political campaigns years ago 😊.

Yesterday, a cracking day with the Lower 6th Formers of Leicester Grammar School.

Generous doses of interaction in these kinds of 1hr HOY sessions is so key.

Especially if done EARLY in the session.

Nothing focuses the minds of a group of 100+ students more than to see one of their own called up on stage without preparation.

Willing victi… excuse me, “volunteers”.

Don’t assume you have to “ask” for volunteers.

Select them!

Much more fun for the audience.

Mitigates the risk of “same old, same old” hands going up.

Of course, on the (rare) occasion someone really really doesn’t want to step up, no need to force.

But don’t be disheartened.

Move on to someone else swiftly, keep the energy up.

It’s all part of the experience…

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 Thank you for a wonderful session. Feedback was frighteningly good!


 Joseph Wilkes | Associate Director, Career Services, Hult International Business School, London

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