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Public Speaking Skills Should be Part of the School Curriculum

 9th Jan 2023
Public speaking skills should form a core part of the school curriculum.

Unfortunately, they don’t.

They really don’t.

In the words of one former Education Secretary:
(To protect his identity, let's call him Michael Gove)

"Children naturally learn to talk, they do not naturally learn to read..."

Whether intended or not, attitudes like this are immensely damaging.

The ability to communicate through the WRITTEN word - a critically important skill of course - has long been...

More easily assessed
More willingly celebrated
More heavily prioritised in the curriculum

Meanwhile, the spoken word (and public speaking in particular) is typically viewed as...

A bit niche
Somehow "extracurricular"
An activity best pursued only by "the gifted & talented"
(whatever the h*ll that hideous phrase means)
Being of secondary importance
A nice-to-have rather than a life skill of fundamental importance.

Not that I feel strongly.
(See link to my talk for TEDxLondon in the Comments below).

So, if you have connections with a school/organisation engaged in public speaking competitions, debating clubs and/or other activities which promote the cultivation of speaking & listening skills...

Back 'em!!

Just some of the relevant orgs & resources out there include:

The English-Speaking Union
The Jack Petchey "Speak Out!" Challenge
Debate Mate
Speakers Trust
"The Articulation Prize" - by The National Gallery
Toastmasters International

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