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Final Day...

 20th Nov 2022
SB Last Swim LidoPic
Ever more confident of the benefits - emotional and physical - of cold-water swimming.

Today marks the final day of opening for the 90m (!) Tooting Lido before closure for 9months of major refurbishment.

The usual club race at 9.30 this morning - 9 degrees C, 40+ people in the race followed by a gala against Serpentine Swimmers.

For the rest of this winter, need to find a new aquatic home - Brockwell Park Lido,here I come…

Love the outdoors.
Love an icy dip.
Love even more the cake and tea afterwards.

#swimming #mentalhealth #exercise

 Simon really inspired our teams in the UK and US and really helped them become more compelling with customers.


Adam Hale | CEO, Fairsail

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