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A Communication Lesson

 24th Nov 2022


A #communication lesson I continually have to learn and relearn…

Simply sending an email neither implies nor guarantees actual “communication”.

At least, not if you’re wanting to ensure its message and content are…

fully understood
and acted on.

My heart sinks when I received essays via email.

Similarly, the phrase: “well I did send an email” should be outlawed.

Real world connection, influence and impact is rarely achieved, never mind sustained, by written electronic message.

I’ve yet to meet an effective Leader who leads by email.

If you’re wanting to exert greater influence, a tip from my headhunting days:

Pick Up The Phone!


 Thank you for a wonderful session. Feedback was frighteningly good!


 Joseph Wilkes | Associate Director, Career Services, Hult International Business School, London

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