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At the Groucho Club!

 15th Mar 2024

SB in Eastbourne (blog post)

At the Groucho Club in Eastbourne!

Terrific day today as a participant on a 1-day speechwriting Masterclass run by Simon Lancaster at the The Groucho Club Ltd. Practical, stimulating and - frankly - very nourishing!

Just one of a number of big takeaways for me was the potential power of identifying a clear overarching metaphor for your speech.

And then to STAY TRUE to that through the speech. Consistency of language is key.

“Badly written speeches contain multiple mixed metaphors.” Love that.

Having long followed Simon and his expertise, great finally to meet in-person.

Sharpen the saw, folks!

#communication #speechwriting #leadership At the Groucho Club!

Working through this video program [High Impact Speaking] has made a huge difference to my speaking. After my conference presentation, I had so many executives telling me: 'I want you to come and work for my organization'.... I can't count how many people told me my presentation was THE best.


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