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The Power of Women's Voices

 29th Nov 2022
The Power of Women's Voices
I’m often asked for examples of strong women speakers in action.

Of which, of course, there are a great many.

A few moments ago, I was gifted this book: “She Speaks - The Power Of Women’s Voices”.

An anthology of 35 speakers from Boudica to Jacinda Ardern, from Emmeline Pankhurst to Benazhir Butto to Emma Watson.

Many I recognise, others not so much! Looking forward to tucking in…

Stunning 3 days here at The Alliance Of Her 2022 Graduation Weekend near Namur, Belgium.

The world needs more women liberal leaders, active in public life and public office.

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What I've appreciated most has been the increased thought the team has been putting into how they come across and what they say. Colleagues in other teams have already commented on the improvement in both skills and confidence.


Emma Truswell | Deputy Head of Services, Open Data Institute (ODI)

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