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What Are Your Potential Objectives as a Communicator?

 23rd Jun 2023
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What are Your potential personal objectives as a communicator?

To secure funding for your proposal
To be perceived as credible
To raise brand profile of yourself or your organisation
To simply “not screw it up”
To remember to cover all that you planned
And more…

Are NOT the same as your audience’s objectives…

To gain fresh insight into a topic of interest
To feel reassured, understood and/or inspired
To gain practical advice making a real difference to how they go about their lives
To gain renewed sense of purpose
To be alerted to an issue/problem of which they were not previously aware
And more…

As the speaker, focus on the latter FIRST.

You’re much more likely to achieve the former as a result!

Sounds obvious, I know.

But common sense is not the same as common practice.

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