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Do you have a Best Man Speech to deliver in 2024?

What if you had access to the expertise of an award-winning speaker to help you?

How To Give A Best Man Speech, London UK

by Simon Bucknall 2007

Since 2007, I have had the good fortune to help a huge number of wedding speakers, especially Grooms and Best Men, with their speeches.

Some began their preparations many months in advance ...others put out a distress call for help a matter of hours before the day of their wedding!

Now I share a simple step-by-step process for crafting and developing a speech to delight the whole audience.

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The Bride Speaker: "Simon Bucknall's practical, useful and witty guide couldn't have come soon enough... a guide that will give you ideas, inspiration and courage... nail a fantastic bride's speech with the pointers in this book... make the most of that unique moment and craft it into whatever you want..."

Viv Groskop: Writer. Comedian. Broadcaster. Author. How to Own the Room: Women and the Art of Brilliant Speaking


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"A comprehensive guide to writing and delivering a speech that the audience will love. I'm an introvert and don't like speaking in public. But this book gave me the confidence to deliver my speech that was very well received by our 140 guests."

Niall Cooter (solo), The Groom Speaker - May 2023


"...this book takes your speech to another level.

I would definitely recommend it if you're preparing a speech."

Michael, Best Man, Amazon Book Reviewer, Verified Purchase - November 2022


Writing this from the wedding (23:30) 28 May 2022

"Just a quick one to say I was bricking it when my best mate asked me to be his best man. Five months later, having read your book, my hands were completely still and I felt composed going into the speech.

The humour was natural and not forced and I'm proud of the speech I wrote.


Oliver Walsh, Best Man, Amazon Book Reviewer, Verified Purchase - May 2022


"To say this book helped me write a fantastic speech is an understatement. A very easy read, with practical examples and a clear structure to form your own personal speech.

Highly recommend this book and also aid in public speaking."

Oxford 1981, (Best Man), Amazon Book Reviewer, A verified purchase - January 2022


"I did the speech last week and it couldn't have gone down better - lots of people I didn't know came up to me afterwards to say it's the best speech they've ever heard, and did my job include lots of public speaking... which it doesn't!

It has given me so much confidence generally and has been such a wonderful journey of growth. Thank you so much Simon for helping all the best men out there."

RG, (Best Man), Amazon Book Reviewer, A verified purchase - September 2021


"A huge thank you to the author. I have never spoken in public before and quite frankly was nervous.

The speech was only at one of the most exclusive hotels in London ... so expectations were high to match the venue, erk!

However, thanks to the guidance of the book I delivered an authentic and heartfelt speech that (slightly to my amazement after the event) really was absolutely loved by the audience.

Simon, thank you!"

Amazon Book Reviewer, (Best Man), A verified purchase - August 2021


"Let me tell you: this stuff just works."

Philsen, (Best Man), Amazon Book Reviewer, Reviewed in the US - August 2021

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"As a complete stranger to public speaking I was absolutely dreading the prospect of speaking at my best friend's wedding. This book ultimately helped me to construct, learn and deliver a speech which received great feedback from the friends and family of the bride and groom. Some even went as far as saying it was the best wedding speech they've heard.

The book offers a simple formulaic approach to preparing the speech, and if followed properly you won't go too wrong. In addition to advice on writing the speech there is plenty of practical advice on practice and delivery.

The book strikes the perfect balance between brevity and providing sufficient detail. The whole book can probably be read in a couple of evenings, leaving plenty of time to getting down to the job of writing the speech.

I can't recommend this book enough to anyone who is concerned about an upcoming speech or isn't quite sure where to start."

Andrew Drayton, (Best Man), Amazon Book Reviewer - May 2021


"I left everything till the last week and this book helped a lot... I would recommend this book to anyone writing a speech especially a bestman speech."

Simmonz09, (Best Man), Amazon Book Reviewer


"Gave my speech and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Had great feedback and people were laughing throughout..."

Woodrow, (Best Man), Amazon Book Reviewer


"I can safely say this book has helped me enormously ... there to give me the building blocks to making a speech.

I cannot recommend getting this book enough. It will be a game-changer, go do it, and do it now. Thank you, Simon. Onwards!"

Daniel Stander, (Best Man), Amazon Book Reviewer


"Highly recommend this book. It is excellent.

Good, clear advice from someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

So often, 'advice' for best men on websites and books is so off the mark, this is precisely the opposite and I found it incredibly helpful in drafting and delivering my speech."

David, (Best Man), Amazon Book Reviewer


"Simon Bucknall's book is simply amazing - a must have for any Best Man who is serious about delivering a speech to be proud of...."

Ryan, a very proud Best Man

Amazon Book Reviewer

Best Man Speech book: The Best Man Speaker



The Bride Speaker             Groom Speaker


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 Dozens of 5 Star Reviews on Amazon


"No Best Man gave a great speech by making The Friends laugh and The Bride's Parents cry." Simon Bucknall




"No Groom ever gave a great speech by merely trotting out a shopping list of Thank Yous." Simon Bucknall

Written by a multiple, international award-winning speaker, Simon was a Finalist in the 2017 World Championship of Public Speaking in Vancouver, Canada - placing 2nd out of more than 30,000 Speakers from across the globe. In July 2018 he was the opening keynote speaker at TEDxLondon, Beyond Borders. Simon Bucknall, former Best Man (and Groom!) offers these practical and engaging books, THE BEST MAN SPEAKER, and NEW - THE GROOM SPEAKER, giving you a tried-and-tested, step-by-step process for helping ensure you deliver a cracking speech on the big day.

How To Write A Good Wedding Speech Even If You're Not A Writer

Huffington Post, June 2018

"At my own wedding, my best man interviewed my mother. I feel very confident that one or two stories featured in his speech could only have come from one of my parents. And it does take the loneliness out of the process a bit."

The best man's speech: our guide to getting it right (and ten emerging jokes)

Simon Bucknall

 Amazon ***** Reviews on THE BEST MAN SPEAKER...

"If you're struggling on where to start for a speech buy this.

I am petrified of public speaking, so I bought this when I was asked to be best man. Speech went down well, plenty of laughs and even a round of applause."

Karl, Amazon Book Reviewer - January 2019


"This is a fantastic book. An absolutely must have if you are to write a great speech. I was a female best man and was really worried I couldn't live up to the job ...

I then came across Simon's book ...

I seriously can't stress enough that this is an amazing book ...

I delivered the speech last weekend to 150 people and I felt really prepared ...the number of people that came up to me afterwards to say it was the best best man speech they'd ever heard and that I must be used to public speaking....I can honestly say it's all down to taking this book seriously and using as my guide.

In short, if you're going to be a best man ...

Buy it!"

S. E. House-barklie, Amazon Book Reviewer - January 2019


"I delivered my first best man speech last Saturday and I feel very proud.

This book enables you to put together a great speech, without resorting to internet gags. Writing a speech requires lots of time and effort and this book helps that process no end.

Do not hesitate in buying this book."

Amazon Book Reviewer - November 2018


"Through a simple formulaic method the book shows you how to create a unique, personal, and amusing speech. I would recommend giving yourself a couple of weeks...

I enjoyed playing my part in making the wedding a special day and this book was a part in making that happen."

Dave, Amazon Book Reviewer - October 2018


"Short, to the point, practical guide which I found really useful in writing for my brothers wedding.

Helps with content, structure and delivery.

I'd recommend to anyone!"

Michael D., Amazon Book Reviewer - September 2018


"This book was a fantastic help ... clear, concise, easy to read and offers excellent advice.

Stop reading the internet for cliches and write something authentic and specific to the groom who has chosen you, he deserves a speech that is real - and this book will tell you how!

I bought a few similarly-themed books but Simon's was by far the best."

James Truswell, Amazon Book Reviewer - July 2018


"This book is incredibly written....outlines the approach that you should take to the speech from the very start...I bought this book with 2 weeks until the wedding and after the speech more than 20 people told me they thought the speech was brilliant.."

Bobby, Amazon Book Reviewer - July 2018


"I can't recommend this book highly enough. Helped me massively in preparing and delivering the speech. I also learnt some great tips about public speaking in general so I'm really happy I read this book!

If you're in any way nervous or need guidance about a best man speech then I'm sure this book will really help you!

Thanks Simon!"

Warren Ostler, Amazon Book Reviewer - July 2018


"This book was a fantastic platform in helping me to get my speech written and in handling my nerves of public speaking. I got a lot of praise for my speech and I couldn't recommend this book enough."

Amazon Customer - July 2018


 A Few Previous 5 Star ***** Reviews on Amazon

"This book saved my speech...I was so pleased with the result but more importantly, the wedding guests told me that it had been the best speech they'd heard. They said it was very funny, well balanced and authentic. The Groom still speaks to me.

My tip: if you've been given the task (and honour) of writing a best man speech, buy this book.

One of the best investments I've made."

Harry Friend, Amazon Book Reviewer - November 2017


"Purchased the book a couple of months ago but didn't want to review until the speech was over. I am so happy I got this book. Helped me out so much and the audience loved the speech. I think I surprised myself.

If you stick to what the book says, your speech will be a success."

Amazon Book Customer, Amazon Book Reviewer - November 2017


"I have been best man three times, previous speeches were based on cliches, the last one was based on the advice from this book. No clues, author deserves all the royalties.

Best money I have ever spent."

J. Burrows, Amazon Book Reviewer - October 2017


"My husband was the best man. He gained much knowledge by reading this book and delivered an excellent speech. He could not have done it without this book."

Patsy, Amazon Book Reviewer - October 2017


"The advice here is gold ... do yourself a favour and get it."

Paddylad, Amazon Book Reviewer - August 2017


"...a fun experience working through the different processes that go into producing material... gave me the confidence to go into the day feeling prepared and excited rather than completely nervous and if I ever come across someone who is going to be a best man I will always tell them to buy this book."

Chris, Amazon Book Reviewer - August 2017


"I rarely leave reviews but this book totally commands one. Until I discovered this book I was floundering...concerned and lacking direction. Simon's advice in this book changed everything. A really enjoyable read, packed with great advice and easy to follow instructions on how to construct an engaging and crowd-pleasing speech...well done Simon."

Matt F., Amazon Book Reviewer - August 2017


"Luckily Simon's book guided me in simple steps to not only write a speech but deliver it, without too many nerves, thanks Simon your a life saver!"

mike the gardener, Amazon Book Reviewer - August 2017


"I was racked by fear at the prospect of making this speech and couldn't be further from a natural speaker. The structure and guidance this book gave was invaluable and helped to make it a success.

I will be eternally grateful to Simon for giving this advice so that I didn't make an absolute berk of myself on the day."

Amazon Customer, Amazon Book Reviewer - August 2017

"I am not used to public speaking and from the moment my brother asked me to be his best man I would think about having to do the speech every day but after purchasing your book and following your instructions unbelievably I managed to come up with a great speech which gave me the confidence to go into the day (last Saturday) feeling prepared and once I got started I actually really enjoyed the experience.

I could not have done this without your insight and want you to know what an incredible gift you have in being able to help people like myself get through a potential difficult situation.

I will always recommend your book to any future best man I meet and good luck with all your adventures in the future."


Simon Bucknall

Simon Bucknall


"I can't recommend this book and Simon any more highly... five stars really does not do it justice!!"

Oliver Westray, Amazon Book Reviewer, THE BEST MAN SPEAKER - THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE




"This book is an absolute gem! I would highly recommend this book as much for Brides who are novice speakers as well as those who are more competent....The small investment in this book was absolutely worth every penny and I'd recommend it as a 'must have' for any Bride wanting to give a speech at their wedding....Thank you Simon Bucknall"

H Ashley, Book Reviewer, Top Review from United Kingdon 30th April 2023 - THE BRIDE SPEAKER


"I'm very pleased to say that it went really well; in fact couldn't have gone much better. The changes you recommended were invaluable and really helped immeasurably. Many thanks again and best wishes to you."


Simon has coached dozens of Best Men and Grooms over recent years - and now he packs all the tips, techniques and insights into these single volumes. They are practical, personable and most of all actionable, helping you address the following issues AND MORE!

Best Man Speech book: The Best Man Speaker



  • Where do I start with preparing my speech?
  • What if I can't think of anything funny to say?
  • How do I structure my speech?
  • What's the best way to practice?
  • What if I'm feeling nervous?




The Best Man Speaker Audiobook This 5 Star rated book 'THE BEST MAN SPEAKER' is based on first-hand experience, coaching countless Best Men over the years.

"Must read for any best man - also helps me think about speaking in front of people at work and how to articulate a point better."

A.J.W. Freeman, Amazon Book Reviewer, THE BEST MAN SPEAKER - THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE, December 2015

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